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About Us

Rachel Southard

Medical Student


Dr. Jake Goodman

Psychiatry Resident Doctor

2 Million Followers

Dr. Lizzii Le

Emergency Medicine Resident


Dr. Fayez Ajib

Physician | Emergency Medicine

4.3 Million Followers

Dr. Inna Lazar



Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler


3.5 Million Followers

Dr. Benjamin Schmidt

Internal Medicine

1.2 Million Followers

And hundreds of other medical influencers

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We are the world’s first and only healthcare influencer marketing agency created for HCP influencers by HCP influencers.

Our mission is simple: We strive to connect clients with our roster of incredible medical influencers. Together we can create highly engaging and compliant content for your company while marketing to specific healthcare niches.

Founded and operated by physicians and medical influencers, we leverage our industry expertise to create and manage targeted and effective partnerships for our clients.

Do you know some of the unique challenges medical influencers face?

  • Regulations | Insurance
  • Compliance | Reporting
  • Requirements | Risk

We have you covered.

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What can we do for your campaign?

Over 100 medical influencers!
27 medical niches represented
35 million combined reach of followers
Hundreds of millions of impressions available for each campaign!

Our talented roster of healthcare influencers have delivered millions of impressions and leads to clients of all sizes.

Every campaign requires approval by an appointed and uncompensated Physician Ethics Board for the safety and protection of companies and creator alike.

Whatever your marketing goal may be, MedFluencers is here to help you achieve the recognition you deserve.

Work with us to create highly engaging content for your company while connecting to specific healthcare niches

Are you interested in working with some of the biggest healthcare influencers in the industry?

Reach out to us and we'll help you navigate the MedFluencer industry.